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Hello, my name is Andre Ortiz and I help people like you build products.

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Logo Design

Symbols are all around us. They have the power to invoke emotions or tell us when it's safe to cross the street. How do you want your symbol to be interpreted?

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Drawing is one of the most primative artforms. The ability to translate imagination to canvas is no easy task... but if you do it, it'll look great on a t-shirt!

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Everyone loves a good whiteboard session. It's a great way to poke holes in our ideas and find graceful solutions in the proccess.

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UI Design

The magical button - should it be green? Yellow, maybe? Whatever the answer is, you can bet it'll be a nice complement to the visual language of your brand.

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Front-End Development

Being able to transition visual design into code is not for the faint of heart. The times are 'a changin' and the problems are more complex than ever. This is truly a practise.

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Building prototypes is the best way to communicate app solutions. Looking good is one thing but if it doesn't work - we'll, I guess it's just a pretty picture.

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Motivated UI, UX and Front-end Designer based in Austin, TX. I've spent the last 12 years building digital products on a number of teams and firmly believe that design is first and foremost about solving problems. I'll work closely with your team, your customers and your stakeholders to make sure that we deliver exactly what they need, while keeping an eye on your business goals & objectives.

100 Proof. (The company)

100 Proof started about 5 years ago in an effort to see how far I could push myself - both as a Designer and as a Consultant. Little did I know how successful it would be or how much I would learn from this experience.

The last few years have been an amazing growing opportunity and I have had the chance to team up with some of the greatest product companies out there. The commitment to creating to most beautiful solutions is unwavering.

Relevant buzzwords

Here is a list of skills and keywords based on my experience and ability.

HTML CSS Javascript Ruby Rails Prototyping Sinatra Angular React VueJS SCSS SASS jQuery Bootstrap User Research Foundation Bourbon Neat Data Visualization Middleman HAML Photoshop Illustrator Logo Design Balsamiq Terminal Wireframes Responsive Web Icons Branding Drawing Git AfterEffects Sketch Mobile Design UI UX Adobe Creative Suite Front-End Development REST API Client-side Server-side Web Design Mobile Design

Others have said...

I've worked on several projects with Andre. I've found his work to be excellent - detail oriented, creative, and thoughtful. His attitude is great, his work is on time, and he's dependable. I would highly recommend working with Andre on a creative project. - Jon Kolko Author of Design Thinking
Andre is a rock star in every way but his ego. His work is world-class, he's quick, and perhaps most importantly, a pleasure to work with. I recommend Andre without reservation. - Patrick Duncan VP of Product, Wayblazer, Inc.